Who’s an Idiot – a new insight

I came across this news item in the Times of India – “Supreme Court defines who’s an idiot”.

Please read for yourself at “Supreme Court’s Definition of an idiot”

Amazing, isn’t it ? Ofcourse, there is a strong reason why the Supreme Court of India did the due diligence and issued a definition of an “idiot”. The news coverage should justify !

It was also interesting to note some of the comments by the Times of India readers – check out at : “Readers’ Opinions”

I do not agree that the Supreme Court Justices had wasted any time in issuing this (new) definition of an idiot. It was issued to affirm and approve the lower court’s interpretation of the same in a specific murder case. Legal interpretations could differ in different countries, but should be based on sound logic with more weight given to the well-being of the society rather than to just individuals.

On the contrary, compare this incident with what happens most times in Western courts – almost always a criminal is discharged when he or she claims refuge under lunacy with more than ample help from a top defence lawyer ! Does not work in India !!

In any case, this is an interesting case with headlines creating a bit of mirth !

Have a wonderful week ahead,


Vijay Srinivasan
31st August 2008