It is too HOT

I just got back to Mumbai.

When I was in Singapore, I thought that the mercury was blazing at 32/33 degrees Celsius. It was rather sultry during the day, while the evenings were not too bad.

But when I returned to Mumbai (after almost two weeks of travel), I found Mumbai’s weather was sweltering, though the temperature was around the same figure. One thing I noticed is that the night time temperature in Mumbai was higher than it was in Singapore. Mumbai was almost 29 degrees Celsius at 10:30 PM on Thursday evening last week when I touched down from Singapore, some 3 degrees more than Singapore.

Nights are now quite stuffy in Mumbai, so I am switching on air-conditioner for atleast the first three hours of sleep. The fan runs simultaneously. During the day (for example, today), it was horrible. I was profusely sweating.

Even now, it is really bad (it is 6:45 PM on Saturday), I am sweating badly without fan or aircon.

Hope this is not an indication of poor rains coming up in June. I would like for Mumbai to get heavy rains (but not too heavy), so the cooling effect is good, and the greens turn greener !

Pray to the Weather God !


Vijay Srinivasan
24th April 2010


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