Most Effective Coolant

This summer has been very hot and sultry in Mumbai, and very, very hot in places like Delhi. The temperature differential as compared to last year is a clear 3 to 4 degrees Celsius on the higher side this year. Terrible heat, I should say. The only recent improvement was in Chennai where there has been some drop in temperature due to the sudden flash rains, resulting from an unexpected storm.

I have been drinking very warm water every day at the office (atleast 4 glasses), which I believe is a good detoxifier, and I have always felt better towards the end of the day. While I continue this practice regularly, the very hot summer has brought about a drink at home – the fabled Buttermilk, suitably chilled.

This is a fabulous drink on any day – but it tastes better on the weekend, when one has to go out on personal errands. This drink fortifies oneself and provides some immunity from the scorching sun. It keeps you fully hydrated and cool at the same time. I enjoy the thick buttermilk with ice cubes and take a while to drink it. I have found it to be an effective deterrent against the ill-effects of the hot weather. The hot summer drains one out completely, and instead of seeking out a beer at the end of the day, if you have a glass of thick and iced buttermilk, you would feel very refreshed.

Ofcourse, nothing like home made buttermilk. It is not easily available outside, sometimes you get it on Jet Airways during the summertime. The quality of buttermilk is suspect in most places, so I tend to avoid, unless it is from some reputed restaurant.

I think that this is an all-weather drink like lime juice. I would strongly recommend buttermilk to counter the hot sun.

One needs to keep his/her cool these days, in any case…….


Vijay Srinivasan
30th May 2010


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