Strange title, isn’t it ?

MRF refers to MRF Tyres, a leading tyre manufacturer – please see their home page on the web at “MRF TYRES”

I have always fancied their tyres, as they positioned their products as high-performance, racing-quality tyres. So, when a chance came to replace the tyres on my Innova car (which came originally with Bridgestone tyres), I decided to go with MRF Tyres. Here comes the chance, I thought, though the Toyota Dealer was still pushing the Bridgestone tyres as the right replacement, obviously.

Therein started my troubles. I went for the ZV2K tyres at an authorised MRF dealer. That model was strongly recommended by the dealer, and there was little to discuss. My “brand pull” was noticed, and the dealer lost little time in positioning the ZV2K, instead of Dunlop and other brands which he carried as well. I balked a little bit at the price, so he gave me a small discount as I was purchasing all the four tyres at one go, and letting him keep my old tyres which were in pretty decent shape for retreading and reuse.

So, there I was proud owner of MRF tyres ! Surely the tyres were having a better grip on the road, but these were brand new tyres.

One of the feature of the ZV2K tyre as described on the MRF website is “Carcass incorporates supple sidewalls”. Please refer to – “MRF TYRES ZV2K DETAILS”

I learnt the meaning of the word “supple”, after using the tyre for some four months. The side wall of the rear left tyre developed a fine crack from the top tread for about 1.5 inches, leading to loss of air one fine morning. Luckily it was a Saturday morning, and the nearby tyre repair shop guy said nothing can be done.

Was I shocked ? I was really upset with such poor quality of tyre from one of the most reputed manufacturers in India. No phone number was provided on their website, only an email form. So, I called up authorised distributors in Mumbai, who said that they cannot do any repairs – they only sell tyres.

I went to couple of tyre repair shops and it was not possible to directly repair the serious fault. Finally, I decided to put in a tube into this tubeless tire, spending some additional money into what is essentially still a new tyre (supposed to atleast run for some 40 to 50 thousand KMS).

The tyre seems to running OK for the past 3 weeks with this contraption, but I advised my driver not to exceed 70 KMPH in any case. I might have to eventually replace the tyre in case it starts releasing air again !



Vijay Srinivasan
6th June 2010

Author: Vijay Srinivasan

VJ lives and works in Singapore. He hails originally from Southern part of India, and has lived in Malaysia/Singapore for over 21 years. He loves networking, reading, travelling, amateurish golfing, badminton, and arguing on intellectual issues which affect mankind with his friends and colleagues. He also loves his wines and blogging !

2 thoughts on “MRF ZV2K”

  1. One of the feature of the ZV2K tyre as described on the MRF website is “Carcass incorporates supple sidewalls”. Please refer to – “MRF TYRES ZV2K DETAILS”……very quick learning process…MRF is always out of my choice. JK is better, may be with just average 35k km life. But still no puncture or no pressure down beyond 2psi for 4 months . VFM. No need to go for fancy names.

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