Toy Story 3

When my wife asked me to join for viewing the Toy Story 3, I was reluctant. I thought it was too kiddish a movie for me. Plus, I might get bored with the antics of the toy figures and sleep off.

However, I went for the movie.

Wow, it was amazing. The animation, the storyline, the teamwork, the morals of the story – just too good to be believed. Bollywood can never emulate such movies which are technologically far ahead of our times. Bollywood can only have heroines and heroes joking around, running around, with all the same formulae, except for a few real good ones. Hollywood is the trendsetter when it comes to visualization, story telling, technology usage, animation (notwithstanding the few Indian animation studios involved in such movies), and characterization.

PIXAR Studios is the world’s #1 leader in such animated movies, and now they have yet again proved that there is no competitor for them, even globally.

Amongst all the toy characters, I liked Buzzlight the most. He fully stands by his toy friends at all times, and is a romantic fellow. Only when the “demo” version is switched on at his back by the evil Lat-so bear, that he becomes kind of a bad boy. But not his fault. And the hilarious “russian” version of Buzzlight comes to light after he is “reset” by his toy friends.

Both children and adults can learn from this movie. It is very unlikely that Bollywood can produce something like this – they can’t even copy such a movie !

Strongly recommended for family viewing and enjoyment.


Vijay Srinivasan
26th June 2010


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