Clipper Lounge, Mumbai International Airport

At Mumbai International Airport, the check-in and the immigration clearance are quite fast – it took me all of 4 minutes to get my Boarding Pass at the Jet Airways Check-in Counter, and just 3 minutes at the Immigration Counter. So, overall it was a pleasant experience tonight when I was flying out of India.

However, Jet Airways needs to set up its own Lounge at the International Airport, as it strives to become a global airline, mainly operating out of Mumbai. Jet Airways directs its Premiere/Platinum customers to the Clipper Lounge, which is a shared lounge – shared by more than five airlines. While it could be cheaper for Jet Airways, I do not think it is the right kind of approach for its best customers.

The Clipper Lounge is first of all, very crowded, given the fact that there are so many flights between 11 PM and 3 AM, out of Mumbai. It is difficult to get a proper seat. More than that, it is difficult to get a power point on the wall next to your seat. I think it is very important for lounges and coffee shops in India to provide power points on the wall, for the comfort of their customers. Most people want to connect their laptops to the internet and cannot work for a fairly long time unless power is provided. I do not understand why service providers do not understand this simple fact of life, which is becoming very important. Internet and Power – both very critical for connectivity and corporate survival !

Yes, these days it is very important to stay connected. Internet has become an utility. Most places provide Wi-Fi Access, but the problem is the security of these Wi-Fi networks. It is OK to browse public websites for news, etc., but it may not be a wise idea to go to any personal websites or access email. I avoid this problem by using my own internet access via a service provider. It is always better to have control and exercise it all the time. Who knows who is accessing the information or breaking in ? Better to be safe rather than sorry.

Power – yes, power is very important. I do not understand why they do not provide many power points in public places such as airports and airport lounges. Surely, these are not available at coffee shops, wherein one spends atleast INR 60 to 70 for a cup of coffee. Apart from the seat made available to sit and chat, power points need to be provided as well. These facilities are very common in the West, and in Singapore.

I am going to check out at the Hong Kong Airport, where I am going to spend some significant time tomorrow as well as when I am flying back later this week. Let us see whether they understand the importance of Wi-Fi Security and power points !


Vijay Srinivasan
17th July 2010


5 thoughts on “Clipper Lounge, Mumbai International Airport

  1. Mukesh Bhatt

    On 23rd January 2011 at 00.45 am I was denied access to clipper lounge with HSBC Premier Master Card, on pretext that there are a few seats left in the lounge and reserved for business class passengers. I was advised to come after 2pm ( my boarding time).

    Authorities concerened may look into this.

  2. John Mampilly

    I was flying to Malaysia and as I normally do, I went into the clipper lounge but was denied entry as there are some restrictions on the timings. Can somebody clarify about what are these new regulations ?

  3. victor

    I have to spend twenty hours at the airport from afternoon till the next morning for my flight to Singapore (Indigo). I am an economy class passenger. What options are there for me if I stay at the airport.

  4. Satya Narayan Kumawat

    On 15th Nov-2012, 16:30 pm I was denied access to clipper lounge Mumbai with HSBC Premier Master Card, without any reason which ad never happened in last 4 years.

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