I flew to Beijing from Hong Kong on Dragonair and flew back using the same airline this week.

Dragonair is a good airline, with good connections between Hong Kong and Chinese cities. The service is pretty good, and they are very prompt.

I would not have written this blog post on DragonAir, but for the fact that they provided very good service, and helped me by advancing my return flight instead of spending useless time at Beijing Airport. They were also well networked, as the airhostess asked me if I am interested in my special meal though they had less than 30 minutes to learn that I have switched flights, advancing it by 3 hours. The personal attention was incredible.

I thought it was no wonder they were recognized as the best regional airline in one of the surveys. The planes were clean and well maintained. The only issue was that they did not offer many choice of meals, and had very limited English magazines/newspapers – understandable given that their passengers were 95% ethnic Chinese.

They may be a good airline to travel to China, they have a flight to Bangalore !

Cheers to DragonAir !!


Vijay Srinivasan
22nd July 2010
Hong Kong Airport


3 thoughts on “Dragonair

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