Common Wealth Games (CWG)

I saw a very strange appeal in the newspapers yesterday from the founder of the Sahara Group of India.

He appealed that the media should cause no further destruction of the CWG, by constant coverage of the scandals involving the procurement of items for the conduct of the Games scheduled for October 2010.

This was nothing short of ridiculous. Huge damage has already been caused to the reputation of the Games to be held at Delhi. The Organizing Committee is responsible, rather than the media itself, who did their job of covering the news in the true Indian style of aggressive unearthing of the details.

Corruption is a way of life, and most citizens have accepted the same. There is nothing much that can be done, since corruption is endemic and deeply embedded in the system. Blaming the media for sting operations, and for discovering minute details on how things went wrong, is absolutely wrong. It is even more surprising that the founder of the Sahara Group is appealing, since his Group has a successful media property (Sahara TV, etc.,).

Reputation lost is lost forever. The weak manner in which the Organizing Committee responded to the allegations, the half-hearted defense of their behaviour, and the intervention of the Government to initiate sacking a few members of the Organizing Committee – all these stuff go to prove how undemocratic the Indian Sports Administration and Management are, and how things are never going to change.

All this means that the unprofessional conduct of the Organizing Committee will be pardoned off eventually, and things will turn to normal with below-average performance for the Games. Is it not clear why India has never been a successful sporting nation, and why it never will be ?

A point to ponder. May be politicians and political appointees should exit Sports Management, and leave the same to the sports professionals.


Vijay Srinivasan
8th Aug 2010


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