Delhi BRTS

I was in Delhi this preceding week, and read in the newspapers that violators of the BRTS(Bus Rapid Transit System) lane would be fined INR 1,000 as compared to the previous low figures which people easily paid off.

And, I hit the road that some morning of this news appearing in the media, and what did I see ? Violators are aplenty – may be they don’t read the news. The BRTS was designed to move buses along dedicated lanes at a higher speed without getting caught in the usual vehicular traffic, which is very dense in Delhi which has over 2M vehicles.

I saw many cars and motorbikes on the bus lanes speeding past in between speeding buses. I was not sure whether these violators understand traffic rules. When caught, they will plead their way out stating that they are some powerful person’s kin or they have some very urgent work to do, or they are rushing to hospital, and what not. Enforcement of rules in Delhi (and mostly elsewhere in India) is very problematic as violators defy the policeman who catches them and speed away.

The only way is to monitor the BRTS lanes by video cameras which will catch the number plates of these offenders and deny them renewal of driving licenses, with imposition of heavy fines. E-governance is the way to go, eliminating physical human handling on both sides (enforcers and offenders) as happens in advanced countries. Another way is to link the driving license to the income tax system, where the registered owner of the vehicle will be identified and fined for payment collection via the income tax portal. The Unique Identification ID cards will pave yet another way.

Delhi’s traffic was quite clumsy this time around, with the rains disrupting the traffic all over Delhi. If a rain can cause so much disruption, imagine what can happen if some major disturbance hits the traffic in Delhi. City planning is still not OK even after pouring billions of dollars…….


Vijay Srinivasan
15th August 2010


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