ITC Royal Gardenia

I do not wish to promote any brand of any product, I do not think the value of the brand goes up or down because of any endorsement or lack of it. I am yet to meet a person who bought a product because a cricket star endorsed that product.

However, when I see some good product or service, I wish to mention about it. Just a mention will do in most cases, as people in the know already know most probably about the product or service !

In this post, I thought I will mention about the architectural beauty and service level at the ITC Royal Gardenia hotel at Bangalore. I just stayed there for less than 10 hours last week, but was obviously sufficiently impressed with it.

I felt that the price was a tad too high, so from the value quotient the hotel may not score high. Its location at the heart of the city is probably the cause for the pricing, but nevertheless the ITC brand has more than manifested itself in its royal display I should say. The amenities were excellent, the restaurant was very good, the service was impeccable, and the check-in/check-out was smooth.

However, the point to note in any city is that one does not get to choose the hotel – the location of one’s business meetings does matter a lot if one does not wish to spend hours navigating the maddening traffic. While I felt that this time around, the Bangalore traffic situation has improved, others did not agree. Well, I thought – for the residents to feel that there is some improvement, there got to be a real vast improvement, as compared to occasional visitors who see every improvement as some real improvement !

Well, try this hotel – it is located well and it is an interesting architecture which would leave you somewhat mesmerized.


Vijay Srinivasan
12th Sep 2010


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