Delhi CM : “No need to panic……more security if required”

Just saw the Chief Minister of Delhi on TV, in the aftermath of the indiscriminate firing on a tourist bus near Jama Masjid in Delhi, with two Taiwanese tourists wounded seriously.

She said to the people of Delhi “No need to panic…….more security will be provided if required” !

I am just too amazed to even think through.

Here is the Chief Minister of Delhi, the stoic woman who has led Delhi Union Territory for the past many years, and who has seen many a scandal and many a killing in Delhi, that most crime-ridden city of our country. No doubt she has been able to deliver a functioning government in all that anarchy. There are many achievements to her credit.

But one thing she cannot claim credit to is a “crime-free” Delhi.

Delhi continues to suffer from a significant element of lawlessness, and one can never say security is adequate in Delhi. For the head of the government of Delhi to say that more security will be provided if required is an insult to Delhi citizens, if not anything else.

With the Common Wealth Games just around the corner (less than 3 weeks to go), India cannot just afford a breakdown in security. If foreign tourists can be harmed so easily, the situation is just out of control. Does the CM not know that tourists and businessmen, let alone sportsmen, would only visit a city or a country if security is provided ?

The “chaltha hai” attitude has seeped into the psyche of Indian politicians and bureaucracy, as well as into law-enforcement agencies. This will prove to be absolutely disastrous even in the short term. Intelligence gathering is very tough in a society like India’s, but that is no excuse for police to hide behind after the occurrence of a crime like this despicable attack on foreigners. Government is totally responsible for such occurrences and it should do everything in its power to stop crime.

Does it mean that they have to take harsh actions ? May be. It has been found that in a national survey on security, most Indians were found to accept that they would be forced to sacrifice some amount of privacy in the interest of overall security.

So, what is the government waiting for ? Confiscate all weapons and arrest all undesirable elements in the run up to the CWG. Let us ensure that the games go on without any untoward incidents. We need hardening of the law enforcement agencies.


Vijay Srinivasan
19th Sep 2010


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