The Verdict of the Century !

India was frozen in time last week (and for the previous week as well).

At the same time, India was seized of the fun and “tamasha” associated with the Common Wealth Games, about which I recently blogged.

Living in India is real fun !

My point above regarding a frozen India refers to the six decades old “Ayodhya” conflict. A religious matter was converted to a political explosive in 1992 when the Babri Masjid Mosque was demolished by the Hindus. The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) came to power at the Central Government largely due to the hype surrounding this event.

Thousands of security forces were on high alert all over the country to tackle potential violence that could erupt as a result of the Court Verdict in this case between the Hindus and the Muslims.

Last week, the Allahabad High Court in the State of Uttar Pradesh pronounced its verdict after many, many years. Of course, like many such matters, controversies surrounded this issue as well. The Supreme Court intervened in response to a petition, delaying the verdict by the High Court. Finally, it allowed the verdict to proceed.

What a verdict it was !

The High Court Judges issued three separate opinions, but in a nutshell gave two-thirds of the land to the Hindus and one-third to the Muslims. This was not expected by most people.

How India dealt with this highly sensitive subject tells us that Indians have moved forward from the 1992 era to a modern, tolerant era, when youngsters dominate the public opinion. The young people of India no longer care about such matters, they have their lives to contend with and enjoy. Why bother about arcane subjects and religious bigotry ?

India today is a modern nation with aspiring young people of all religions, colour, races, and ethnic backgrounds. There is hardly any attention paid during the corporate recruitment process on these divisive issues. All are one.

So, while the Judges awarded the parties with their verdict, they also held back execution of the same for three months, allowing the parties to potentially settle or proceed further to the Supreme Court. Allowing the Judiciary to make a call on such matters appears not to be in the right spirit – as this is largely a matter for reconciliation and final settlement. Political action is also not called for, like in the past.

India is moving on, beyond this verdict, and should move on quickly. Let us not spend any more time, money and efforts in sorting out such religious matters. Why bother, when the whole world is waiting for India to realise its full potential, and we are all committed as a single country towards a vision of the next super power with economic prosperity as the driving force ?

LET US MOVE ON FOLKS ! LET US NOT WASTE TIME DEBATING UNNECESSARY ISSUES !! Today is Gandhi Jayanthi – the International Day of Non-Violence !!!


Vijay Srinivasan
2nd October 2010


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