CWG Success

The Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010 event concluded successfully without a hitch on Thursday 14th October.

The entire country and the whole world (at least the commonwealth of 71 nations) were surprised that the entire event happened flawlessly, given all the bad press ahead of the event. We had corruption charges, over spending on toilet rolls and the like, public accusations, government intervention, hilarious (and shocking) press conferences / statements, infighting amongst the various entities responsible for the conduct of the games and the operations of the games village, rejection of the games by several athletes (though no country walked out before or during the event), etc., etc.,

It was what we call a total “tamasha”, or fun-filled lead-up to what was touted to be the biggest event ever orchestrated by India.

But the citizens of India did take notice of the corruption allegations, and they raised their voices strongly via the media, and the government was forced to react. Though the reactions were weak or not strong enough to logically refute the allegations, it was clear that the government machinery was on the backfoot. The Prime Minister finally intervened and took some decisive actions, though the effect was minimal due to the lack of time. However, the games village issues were tackled in an emergency manner using the army and needless to say that the issues were fixed immediately.

All this shows that India leaves much to chance and the planning is not good enough. The execution is totally left to chance rather than to planning effectiveness, project tracking and monitoring, and intervention by appropriate authority at the right time. All this was found to be lacking and this cannot go on.

Politicians will have to exit Sports and I am not sure and no one is sure that this is going to happen. May be Sonia Gandhi could make this decision, as the country has been shamed publicly and internationally by unscrupulous politicians running sports in this country for the past many decades. Time to clean up. What should have costed less than USD 1B at the most, has costed the country many times more. I hope they would account for every Rupee soon, and punish the guilty.

The CWG Games can only be considered to be a success at the end of the day, notwithstanding the money spent unnecessarily. The participating countries were happy, the athletes were happy, and Indians were happy. It is very critical to have a feeling of positive success. India also scored the #2 spot with 38 Golds the biggest tally so far in any CWG Games for India.

Well done India.


Vijay Srinivasan
16th Oct 2010


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