The Yatra Experience

I have been regularly using MakeMyTrip and Yatra for my family’s flight bookings for the past couple of years, and we have generally been happy. While I also check Arzoo and Cleartrip, et al, finally we have used only the first two booking sites.

So, when it came to booking flights for our recent vacation to The Andamans, I checked all the sites for the best fares as well as for hotel choices. It was a wild goose chase, as getting to Port Blair from Mumbai was costing as much as going to Singapore, not less, and in some cases, more. I was bewildered, because I thought that being a part of India, the fares should be more reasonable to The Andamans. The flight schedules were such that we had to transit via either Chennai or Kolkata, adding several hours of waiting time, apart from the longer flight times.

So, when we spotted an opportunity at the Yatra site for a chartered flight to The Andaman, we literally jumped. It was a direct flight from Mumbai to Port Blair for 180 travel package passengers and so was very convenient, and the flight time was only 3 hours and 20 minutes. Yatra called this as the “Amazing Andaman” package.

We worked out details of our customized package with Yatra salesperson, who was quite helpful. We chose some specific hotels and destinations and worked out the final package.

The travel to Port Blair was just fine, except for some commotion within the flight (which always happens when passengers know each other, or coming from related families), delaying the departure by nearly an hour. Yatra could not have done anything to ensure on-time departure. We were told that there would be several Yatra representatives on the flight travelling with the tour group, but they did not do anything, not even identify themselves to the travellers, or attempt to explain anything.

The experience at The Andamans was not great coming from the appointed agent of Yatra (“Andaman Connections”). Two families got an agent who, in our case, was just not intelligent enough to make things happen on time. So, we started to make our own decisions on what we do on a particular day. The objective of the agent is very simple – how to extract more money from the tourists assigned to them. This happened almost daily.

Yatra’s coordination and logistics arrangements were a far cry from what they had promised at booking time. Nothing went as per their announced program schedule. I spoke to many of the co-passengers and the feeling was that they had been shortchanged by Yatra. It is absolutely critical to ensure that package tourists who have come together for a certain purpose are provided with the committed service and satisfied at the end of the tour. I was surprised that even the feedback form was thrust into our hands by Yatra reps while just entering the airport for the return flight to Mumbai, asking us to fill up what looked like a shabby form. I did what most others did – the forms went into the dustbin.

Well, all this does not take away the fabulous experience that we had at The Andaman. It is a must-see place.

I am appalled at the poor service that Yatra provided, and I would challenge them on this count. There was no service quality measurement. Repeated complaints on the agent assigned fell on deaf ears. The hotel could not find our bookings. The pick-up vehicles turned up late. Anything extra we wanted to do resulted in a hefty bill, even within Port Blair. The structure of the program left a lot to be desired – Yatra claimed that it was a 7-day tour program, but 3 of the days were wasted, either as free days or travel days. In Havelock Island, Yatra did not make good arrangements.

So, all in all, Yatra did not deliver. We decided that we would not recommend the Yatra package to anyone in our circle of friends. We would now only plan for any trip on our own, not as part of a package tour, which does not meet our requirements and deliver even the commitments made at the time of the booking.

Avoid Yatra and avoid package tours.


Vijay Srinivasan
27th November 2010

4 thoughts on “The Yatra Experience

  1. Megha

    My inlaws also facing the same problem with Yatra’s Andaman package. They were charged ~90k for the complete package from Gujarat. But the hotel choices were not good. The hotel in Port Blair was “The Reef”, they claimed to provide air-conditioned room, but our parents had to fight to even get electricity, towels and soap. There was no Yatra representative to guide them as well. We are trying to call Yatra customer care, but they are not doing anything. It is a joke!
    All in all a very bad experience. All, please avoid yatra Andaman package.

    Me and my husband went to Andamans on a self planned trip few months back and it was amazing. That is why we recommended the place to the parents. We thought a planned trip would make it easier for them. But that is so untrue!!

  2. Sunil

    The problem is not with yatra or any other big player but the tourist as they see the cheapest package an believe the numbers (customer care) who has never visited the place himself. People are ruined by the “brand”, Brands are good in most of the sectors but not in tourism as you need local experience to get you the best tour packages. i ALWAYS TRUST THE LOCAL FOR TOURS AND PACKAGES. Please trust the local tour operatoras.

  3. I booked Andaman package through, n paid 10% of payment.
    Whatever they mention about the hotel stay n all transportation, do they really follow their word?
    Kindly reply to email

    Best wishes,

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