Schatten der Zeit – “Shadows of Time”

I was at the gym last evening, when I chanced upon this movie while flipping through the TV channels. It was such a good movie that I could not just walk out of the gym, and then had to come hurriedly to my home to continue watching the movie.

This is a rare occurrence for me, as I am not a movie fan in general, surely not the Kollywood and Bollywood type. I enjoy an occasional Hollywood movie, and very rarely a full-length Indian movie, as I do not subscribe to the mindless violence and meaningless dance and song sequences. Even the Hollywood movie needs to be highly qualified to deserve my attention, with the best of breed in direction and acting.

So, I was truly surprised at “Shadows of Time”.

It is a Bengali movie directed by a German director, and had some excellent actors. I was touched by the storyline and the very artistic way that the director managed to convey the story with its attendant emotions. Simply superb acting by actors that I did not know, or haven’t heard of, and directing by a rather unknown director of foreign origin.

I would strongly recommend this movie for a thoughtful and enjoyable experience. This movie made my last evening – truly a wonderful movie which would leave strong memories. Especially when the lovers are near and yet so far apart, when they know that they are going to be separated yet again, that the past was gone and the future was also not certain. It is a complex story and makes you think, you try to guess what is going on in the actors’ minds, how they are going to resolve what is essentially unresolvable in life. Any day a better movie than the usual masala Bollywood flicks. Again strongly suggested.

Florian Gallenberger, the director, has delivered a true masterpiece, the film deserves a 4 star rating. Given that he is a German, I am amazed at the quality of his understanding of Indian ethos and emotions, and the cinematography of the movie. I hope he comes back to India for making yet another masterpiece.

A great experience.


Vijay Srinivasan
18th December 2010


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