Five Fruits

The top five fruits that I like are :

Red Grapes

I wish to add Guava to this list.

I would strongly suggest intake of atleast three of these five fruits on a daily basis for everyone. The good properties of these fruits are explained in many web sites, so I am not going to copy / repeat the same. You can also add Banana to this list.

Given the fantastic health benefits, I have adopted to snacking on some of these fruits almost everyday. Apart from curbing my impulsive eating habits (mostly bad – leading towards fried stuff, or savouries), these fruits add a lot of value to the immune system. The benefits of Kiwi fruit and Pomegranate are unbelievable, to say the least.

I am currently spending a fair bit on these fruits, as these are expensive in India. I don’t wish to indulge in yet another price comparison, but the fact is that fruit prices seem to be manipulated in India to quite an extent. Seedless grapes of premium quality was available for less than INR 140/Kg in the past, now it has doubled. Shortage of grapes ? I doubt it, this is sheer economic manipulation in the supply chain.

Well, does that mean one is going to stop consumption ? Surely not. We will shop around, but eventually get to eat these wonderful fruits with immense health benefits. Combined with nuts (about which I wrote recently), fruits give what is lacking in the usual snacks without the bad or side ills – curb the hunger pangs, delicious to taste, immune efficiency, anti-oxidants of proven effect, and sustenance.

Should I say anything more ?

Enjoy the Fruits and the Nuts !


Vijay Srinivasan
25th December 2010


2 thoughts on “Five Fruits

  1. .It is obviously true that regular intaking of fruits in our life will largely help to keep our good health. Citrus fruits like Lemon pineapple and orange are getting more importance as they are enriched with vitamin C which is essentially required for our good health. Let us see some more amazing health benefits of citrus fruits..These Fruits Help getting Increased Appetite.Lack of appetite is certainly a serious health problem for all age group of people.

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