Merry Christmas !

It is Christmas again !

I was reviewing what I had posted couple of years ago – “Christmas and War Hysteria” .

How things have changed !! in a span of just two years.

While nothing much has improved in the developed countries in terms of consumption and overall economic prospects, India has surged past with commendable economic performance. Pakistan is no longer the only issue dominating India in the political and military circles (though it will never go away completely). All the five permanent members of the UNSC have visited India in a span of just five months this year, reflecting the importance of India.

We do have many internal problems and challenges, and it is time to reflect on those matters. Christmas is the perfect time to seek peace within oneself and with others, be it individuals or nation states. It is not about any one religion. It is about that peaceful mindset, when one is ready to forgive the sins of others, and one seeks forgiveness for his own sins from others. It is a time for redemption and purification.

I am sure that the hotspots of the world would take a breather at this juncture : like Israel – Palestine, North – South Koreas, Iraq, Iran, China – Tibet, China – Uighurs, India – Pakistan, and many other problematic regions. It is critical to realise the value of life, though it be one single individual life – no one has given the right to us to take away a life. It is very important not to sacrifice lives in the name of national security. Normal citizens do no harm to the cause of security or peace, they only convey their views or become unintentional players in the chess board.

Again, Christmas is the perfect time to reflect and make better decisions when those decisions could impact mankind and the lives of thousands of people.

Let us hope the governments will take note of the criticality and centrality of human lives in their decision-making process.



Vijay Srinivasan
25th December 2010


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