Delhi’s Lovely Weather

I was in Delhi for couple of days earlier this week.

I knew from long travel experience that Delhi has fog in the early mornings and pretty cold weather at this time of the year, which also happens to be its best season, with lots of international and national conferences driving up hotel rates and airfares !

From mid November till around third week of February is considered as winter in Delhi. Temperatures have fallen to somewhere in the region of 4 degrees Celsius a few weeks ago. When I was in Delhi, the temperature ranged from 8 degrees to 19 degrees.

I love that weather, which we do not get in Mumbai.

Lots of locals in Delhi can be seen wearing woollen clothing and huddling around. But I had always enjoyed it with a simple jacket just to shield from potential winds. Delhi and most parts of North India get cool weather which sometimes resembles that of the colder countries in the Northern Hemisphere. I think Delhiites are lucky, as they get to enjoy truly the four seasons of the weather !

One evening, I left my hotel for the nearby mall to have dinner. It was around 17 degrees at around 7 PM. When I came back at 9:30 PM, it was 6 degrees. Amazingly cool and with a slight wind, it was a fantastic evening !

I understand that cold weather diseases do catch up with people in Delhi. But that happens in Mumbai as well when the temperatures drop towards 20 degrees every night, though Mumbai’s weather cannot be termed as winter season. Variations in temperature during the day, when there are wide variations of more than 15 to 18 degrees from the maximum to the minimum temperature do cause some impact, especially in the children and old folks.

I was lucky not to have been affected by fog during my flight landing and take-off at Delhi Airport. I continue to wonder about the massive Delhi International Airport, about which I have already written earlier – there is no easy and quick way to get out of this airport – takes a very long walk indeed !

On the whole, visiting Delhi at this time of the year is an enjoyable experience. I will be travelling again to Delhi in the next few days and hope to get more of that weather soon.


Vijay Srinivasan
22nd January 2011


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