The end of Browser War

The end is finally in sight.

The famous Microsoft Internet Explorer is entering a period of oblivion, the consumer world has finally discovered that Microsoft pushes buggy products on to its consumers which in the case of an internet browser turns out to be outright dangerous.

Most of the educated middle class is now transacting business on the web for personal purposes – meaning they do business with service providers, pay their bills, do their banking, order their pizzas, book their flights and hotels, etc., on the internet. They should be wary of the primary tool of accessing internet – the browser. It should be rock solid and cannot be having holes in its design which would permit hackers to gain access to your secrets.

I had junked the Internet Explorer long time ago, though it remains on our two laptops at home. After using Safari on our iMAC, I fell in love with it. On the Windows laptops, I have long used the Mozilla Firefox and for the past year or so, I have also used the Google Chrome. I recently tested the Opera browser, which provides new features and is also pretty good.

When consumers have choices, what do they do ? They junk unsafe products built in an unreliable fashion, like the Microsoft Internet Explorer. New laptops still come with it, no doubt. But consumers who have done their research, do not use the IE browser any longer. They have many choices of excellent browsers. Here is my ranking :

1. Apple Safari (works well on both MAC and Windows)
2. Mozilla Firefox
3. Google Chrome (still has some minor issues)
4. Opera

The IE browser does not even feature on my list. Recently, Microsoft announced that there are serious security holes in its IE 8 browser, why would anyone use it ? It is important to evaluate any product you use or are given, as one does not always understand the marketing “features” of the same. What finally survives are technical excellence and safety of usage. On both counts, Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firefox score very high.

Time to switch, if you haven’t done so already. Be safe online, than be sorry. Of course, I am assuming you are doing everything possible to secure your WiFi network at home and are using solid Anti-Virus software on your Windows laptop. More on such security soon. In the meanwhile, enjoy safe and superb browsing, that’s what most of us do anyway on a computer these days !


Vijay Srinivasan
20th February 2011


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