Gymmatics Update

I thought it has been a long while since I gave an update on my gymmatics, meaning “gymnasium statistics”.

Today I reached the following numbers on my usual Saturday evening gym visit on the treadmill : 3.08 KMs, 137 Calories in 32 min 12 seconds. This kind of seems to be the usual set of numbers for me on the treadmill almost every time. I do stretching for 6 to 7 minutes before starting on the treadmill, as warming up the muscles is an important, yet under-rated effort before starting somewhat strenuous work at the gym.

After completing the treadmill, it becomes important to again release the tensed muscles, especially at the calves. I do this for a few minutes before I proceed with the weight-related exercises. I notice that almost no one follows the pre- or the post- treadmill workout that I have mentioned above. I don’t know why but I believe that this is the right way to go about…..

Then comes the weight-lifting sequence which I follow – first with 4 KGs’ weights, followed by 6 KGs weights in a particular sequence. Then I do pulling of weights on the machine – 12.5 KGs when pulling down, 10 KGs when pulling up on the weights system.

Followed by some more weight-related exercises……

So, we are looking at close to 60 minutes in the gym. I would presume that doing this four times a week is the minimum that professionals prescribe for the average layman.

If you can add some yoga exercises to the above regimen, then you would have a well-rounded exercise plan.

Try it !


Vijay Srinivasan
26th February 2011


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