Bread Talk

My wife shopped for some breads at Bread Talk last evening.

It has been a long while since I stepped into a Bread Talk outlet. I have known Bread Talk for the past many years, since Bread Talk originated in Singapore when we were living there. In a short time, Bread Talk became one of the leading brands in Singapore with wide acceptability.

I first saw Bread Talk in India the Inorbit Mall at Malad West in Mumbai, and I was quite surprised to see their outlet in 2006 itself. That proved that Singapore entrepreneurs were serious about the fast-growing Indian marketplace for innovative products, and I was pleased having come back to India only in 2006 from Singapore.

We patronized Bread Talk for quite some time, as the kids were also happy with their stuff, the fresh muffins and the cheese cake were excellent.

So, I was happy to see a Bread Talk outlet in Powai on our way back from an event, and stopped the car. We did purchase a few things, but I was in for a sticker shock. The cheese cake which was some INR 180 (to my knowledge) was now INR 280 ! A simple muffin was INR 80 as against INR 45 some time ago. And so on and on.

Now this may be a bit of a high end bread shopping, but nevertheless it shows how India has been affected by food inflation. The positive point is that Bread Talk has managed to upkeep its quality all these days, I don’t know how they accomplished it. Generally I have seen a deterioration in either product or service quality when a foreign brand is involved, as the Indian market is very challenging and rather widespread to achieve evenness in quality all across.

Well, inflation is here to stay for all of us, and this seems to be the case all over the world, though onion prices in India have crashed to a low of late. Price manipulation by vested interests seems to be the order of the day.

Well done Bread Talk, we enjoyed their stuff yesterday, and their products are highly recommended.


Vijay Srinivasan
27th February 2011


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