Cricket World Cup 2011 : India Vs England

I am watching the World Cup Match between India and England right now. We are some 55 minutes into the match, and India is 67 for the loss of 1 wicket in 12.1 overs, the precious wicket lost was that of Virender Sehwag who was doing very well at the crease.

My prognostication at this point in time is that India will touch around 240 runs at the end of 50 overs, and has to heavily depend on its bowlers to stop the English runs today to achieve a win. This win is crucial for India to keep its rating ahead of everyone else at this stage of the WC Series (currently, India is the leader of the pack).

While we have to bite our nails and wait till the end of the match, I decided to move on with other tasks in life. Now I see from the web flash ticker that Indian Scorecard has reached 77 runs, which is pretty good. Gautam Gambhir seems to be hitting fours to the chagrin of the English bowlers.

I plan to continue my chores and proceed to the gym in an hour where I am sure the TV will be playing with the gymmers avidly following the score. Let us hope that India would win today, and that would be a great confidence booster not only to the Indian Cricket Team, but also to the citizens of this country who have been hit by a series of scandals of late, with the country also reeling from severe inflation. Let us relax for sometime and take stock of the best sports addiction that we have today – cricket, which will continue to fascinate millions of Indians for times to come. As Graeme Swann, the English Off-Spinner said “The fact it’s against India in India is going to make it a huge game. We had a very poor time of things in the one-day series here a couple of years ago, so that’s certainly something we want to turn around because there is nothing better than silencing an Indian crowd. You don’t want them to be screaming all day because its ear-shattering. Come Bangalore it will be a huge game and one we will need to raise our standards for, particularly in the field because, let’s face it, we were like a bunch of schoolboys (against the Netherlands).” Quoted from The Times of India coverage on 23rd feb 2011 “There is nothing better than silencing an Indian crowd: Graeme Swann”

Well, well, we will see. All the best Swann ! You are yet to bowl I guess !!

Cheers to Indian Team

Vijay Srinivasan
27th Feb 2011


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