What can Graeme Swann say now ?

India scored an excellent score of 338 runs all out in the World Cup Match against England today at Bangalore.

As I had mentioned in my previous post this afternoon, Graeme Swann wanted to “silence” the Indian spectators during this match, but he failed miserably. India did very well, though I was not happy with the rapid fall of wickets after the dismissal of Captain MS Dhoni, who incidentally hit the balls very well scoring 31 runs. The good challenge posed by Yusuf Pathan came to not much of a score with Graeme Swann catching the ball. With Harbhajan Singh given a LBW and Virat Kohli bowled clean, both by Tim Bresnan (who was the best bowler with 5 wickets), the collapse was far quicker than I had expected. But the surprising thing was that India crossed 330 runs which was my estimated score and most people had anticipated only 320/325 runs.

So, Graeme Swann, while responsible for bowling out Gautam Gambhir and catching Yusuf Pathan’s well-played ball, could not bring his dream to fruition during the first innings. He could not “silence” the spectators or wipe their smiles off their faces.

Welcome to India and Indian spectators, Graeme, they are simply the best cricket fans in the world. Could you ever beat the numbers anyway – either the turnout in the stadium or at least the Indian Score today ?

Let us wait and see. England is playing now. See for yourself.


Vijay Srinivasan
27th February 2011


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