India – Ireland Cricket Match

In less than an hour, the cricket match will start at Bangalore.

After the defeat of England by the Irish Cricket Team, all bets were off for some time at least ! It was a blazing performance by Ireland, which did not even have a cricket team for a long time. There is no strong history of a strong cricket team or cricket performance, and here they went – defeating their neighbour who invented cricket !

And what happened to India – we should have won the match against England after setting an excellent and difficult to beat target of 338. But English tail-enders played so well with fabulous sixes that they were able to tie the match. In my opinion, India did not bowl that well and deploying another spinner might not have been the best thing to do for India. But then, decisions are made with pressures of the game and in the field. I would also fault the Indian fielders.

Today, it is going to be a terrific match, if only both sides play with passion and commitment to win. Whoever bats first is going to set the target and apply pressure on the second team playing, and it is going to be very exciting. If India could win against Ireland, then they prove a point – that indeed they are a world-class team to be worried about.

Indian team needs lots of confidence and an attacking spirit today. I am sure they can play very well and beat Ireland, but Cricket is a rather strange game, no predictions are possible, even by the veterans of the game. What is possible is rendering advice to the Indian Captain, and there are so many TV talk shows are going on, doing exactly the same.

So, all the best to India today. Let us win the match,


Vijay Srinivasan
6th March 2011


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