India and the Cricket World Cup

Can India win the Cricket World Cup ?

While all of us would like that to happen on the 2nd April at the WC Finals at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, let us take a rather dispassionate view to get a better hang of the ground realities.

I would challenge the Indian Cricket Team to introspect seriously after their bad loss to South Africa yesterday at Nagpur. It was a pathetic display of lack of leadership.

The key points to ponder over are :

1. Bad Quality of Fielding – Indian fielders lacked the aggression to stop the run rate, and failed to catch, failed to stop the fours, and did not show the passion required to win ;

2. Wrong choice of bowlers – this rests squarely on Captain MS Dhoni. Bringing Ashish Nehra in the last over was a serious mistake without an explanation ;

3. Poor wicket-keeping — again on the shoulders of Captain MS Dhoni. He missed easy catches and gave away easy fours by failing to stop. May be a rethink is required on the part of the selectors ;

4. Pack of Cards – 7 wickets falling from a score of 269 to a final score of 296 is unpardonable. The anticipated score off 350 did not happen and that could have won the match for India.

5. No sign of Leadership – not evident, not on display.

6. There must be some relationship between Sachin Tendulkar scoring a century and India losing the match.

India needs to make urgent changes in its team and its strategy.

Otherwise, winning the World Cup will be a dream for India.


Vijay Srinivasan
13th March 2011


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