World Cup Final Today

It looks like the entire world is holding its breath !

India is on a standstill ! There is hardly any traffic outside, and looks like everyone and his mother is gearing up for the upcoming action starting in the next 30 minutes or so. Big action can indeed be expected on the pitch today.

This is a fight between two geographical neighbours – India and Sri Lanka. In my opinion, the Indian batting skills are going to be pitted against the formidable bowling skills of the Sri Lankans. It would be an interesting match, no doubt.

You can see how the world is converging on Mumbai – just tune to any of the TV Channels, and nothing else but cricket is going on. This is a cricket-crazy nation, and it is home ground, so all the more excited about the match. Further, it is now 28 years since India won the World Cup in 1983. So, it is assuming even more relevance, India needs to win this match. May be this is Sachin Tendulkar’s last World Cup Match, and so he will be under pressure to perform and deliver hopefully a high score to help India win. And he will be facing Murali whose bowling prowess is well established and this is also his last World Cup Match.

So, on the whole we can expect a wholesome entertainment this afternoon from 2:15 PM to almost 11:00 PM. Millions are going to watch the match on TV and huge screens being set up at various facilities around the country. Some lucky few thousands are going to watch at the Wankhede Stadium at South Mumbai. This match promises to be a crowd puller, the best one so far in terms of money being spent, how it is spent, and excitement.

Let us hope India wins this match. It is difficult to predict the outcome. We all make intelligent guesses and there are many who are planning to make money by betting against Sri Lanka. Everything apparently depends on who gets to bat first. Let us see.

All the Very Best, INDIA.


Vijay Srinivasan
2nd April 2011


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