The Lufthansa Experience

For a disciplined and efficient airline operation, nothing comes close to Singapore Airlines – except Lufthansa.

Lufthansa covers India very well, with flights from major metro cities of India to Germany, and is a convenient way to fly to any part of Europe or the U.S.

Lufthansa’s on board service is efficient, but it lacks the warmth of Singapore Airlines’ crew. Lufthansa crew try to smile but they mostly fail. They are prompt though. The response of the crew to any demand is almost instantaneous, and they do try to help or solve any problem. For example, my special meal was not to my liking and they quickly figured out a way to replace the same with something that was acceptable to me.

But there are other issues. One issue was that though the flight was from India to Germany and the passengers were mostly from India, Lufthansa does not carry Indian newspapers on board. It has only German newspapers and German magazines. I had to ask them whatever happened to English – and then they produced some. That shows a high level of dependency on their national language when the entire world seems to have gone for English as the global language.

The other thing is that they do not have any non-German air crew on board – rarely does one see an Indian stewardess on a Lufthansa flight from India. Other major airlines use a mix which helps a lot in handling passengers and attending to their needs, while it is not absolutely essential. However the absence is definitely recognized.

The big issue is the Lufthansa lounge in Frankfurt or Munich. These are not really good, with lots of people cramming in – may be because there are a number of non-business class passengers who deserve the lounge due to their long flying history, etc., Sometimes it is better to avoid the lounge and hang around outside !

Overall, Lufthansa is a good and efficient airline, requiring some changes which would help it to become more global. I continue to use due to their very good schedules out of India and the good airports that they have in Germany, with excellent connections to other countries.


Vijay Srinivasan
11th April 2011


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