Chocolates, especially the dark ones, create a positive mood and pep one up. I am sure there are scientific reasons for the same resulting from the concentration of cocoa, but analysis of the same is not the point here.

The issue is the local dominance of Cadburys’ which is excessively sugar-coated compared to the same company’s global versions. Indians are sweet-toothed, but that is no reason to have very sweet chocolates, obviously having more sugar content, and potentially leading to health problems.

While there are now many choices apart from Cadburys’ on the supermarket shelves, those better quality ones are excessively priced.

Compare GuyLian and Lindt (forget Godiva). These world-renowned chocolates are 50% more expensive in India when compared to their prices in Europe and 30% more expensive than Singapore prices. Why should chocolates be taxed ? Of course, the local chocolate makers would like to enforce customs duties on imported chocolates as they gain in the process, and would be able to maintain their market share. The common man on the road does not yet know the difference and all that he has known all his life is Cadburys. But more travel-savvy folks are shifting to the higher-priced ones despite the very high price differentials, for couple of reasons : one is the clearly better quality cocoa and chocolate experience, and the other is the easy availability. GuyLian for example, is easily available in supermarkets and is recognized for its superior taste/rich cocoa. The issue of course is its price – recently I saw a differential of almost INR 500 for the same box between Frankfurt and Mumbai.

Well, certain things in life you just can’t let go, right ?

Enjoy the better chocolates.


Vijay Srinivasan
23rd April 2011


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