Lavasa – a first impression

Lavasa is a hill city in the Western Ghats of India, approximately an hour and thirty minutes drive from Pune, and approximately four hours drive from Mumbai. Lavasa has been heavily advertised over the past couple of years, and I had been surprised opening a copy of the Time magazine and seeing a beautiful ad on Lavasa.

Controversy has plagued Lavasa of late, with the Ministry of Environment of Government of India stopping all construction work at Lavasa due to the potential damage to the fragile and rich environmental ecosystem in the Western Ghats.

There is no construction going on currently. But I did not see any major evidence of damage to the environment. The Dasve town is neat and the roads are pretty, for a change (as compared to other hill stations in India). The lake front has been done up quite well, and there are many eating places in an alfresco fashion laid out nicely along the water front.

I liked the place, though the weather was a bit warm. The infrastructure has come up quite well, and if the vision of the developer is allowed to be fully implemented, I have no doubt that a world-class hill city would come alive in its full splendour in the next couple of years.

Please take a look – “LAVASA” , and “VISITING LAVASA”


Vijay Srinivasan
30th April 2011


One thought on “Lavasa – a first impression

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