Hyderabad Airport Highway

Funny that I chose to write about something as mundane as a highway.

I spent some time in Hyderabad, and was quite impressed with the focus on improving the infrastructure around the city, and especially on the easy and well-planned access to the airport (which is today one of the best airports in the country).

For most part, the highway to the airport has four lanes on either side, which is rather unusual in India. As I had written about earlier, with its population, India probably needs to have minimum of 6 to 8 lanes on each side of any national highway – after all, we have to cater to a huge population of some 1.2B. This fact never entered the minds of urban and highway planners for a very long time in India.

Coming back to the Airport Highway in Hyderabad, it was a very smooth ride – a very high quality construction by any global standard. I have not seen such a highway anywhere in India – the one in Bangalore falls far short of the Hyderabad one, sorry Bengaluru !

From most parts of the city, one can reach the Hyderabad airport in approximately an hour, which is pretty good for an average 35 to 50 KMs distance. It is an enjoyable ride, and there is hardly a traffic jam anywhere enroute to the airport.

Kudos to Hyderabad Airport and Urban Planners – the other cities can learn something from them !


Vijay Srinivasan
6th May 2011


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