America’s Bittersweet Victory

America scored a very critical victory in the “war on terror” earlier this week, when it eliminated the world’s most famous terrorist, Osama Bin Laden.

While he could have been a spent force and the killing could have just been a symbolic victory, it is nevertheless a very important moment for the Americans, who had vowed to get at Osama come what may.

The surprising thing is not that they eventually found Osama. The most surprising thing is that they found him living in a mansion in a town which was teeming with military activity in Pakistan.

Well, that could have been surprising for the U.S. Is it surprising to the Indians ? Definitely not. One of the most important fugitives from Indian law, Dawood Ibrahim had been living in Karachi for many years in full public view and the Pakistani Government could not care less, despite protestations in public about their commitment to eliminating terrorists from their soil.

Pakistan has always played a double game with all its allies as well as with its enemies. It has never been straight in its dealings. It must have been very frustrating and humiliating for the Americans to find that their most wanted terrorist had been living in Pakistan all this while and it would have been extremely difficult for them to believe that the Pakistani Military, the ISI and the Government knew nothing about his whereabouts.

And, all this after the U.S. Government has given some USD 20B of the U.S. taxpayers’ money to the corrupt and unfaithful Pakistani Government over the past 8 years. Even now, the Obama Government has proposed that they give some couple of billions as aid in 2012, which the Congress is sure to veto.

Is Pakistan really needed by the U.S. to support the war in Afghanistan ?

India is watching.


Vijay Srinivasan
07 May 2011


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