The Anachronism of Royalty

The Wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton was a closely watched event around the world.

For Britons, it was a moment which could have helped restore their faith in their monarchy, a proud moment for the old “Great Britain”.

Well, that era was over a long time ago.

Today, we have a Britain which has outsourced almost everything, including brand names. There is nothing to aspire for. It has a weak government which could not yet find its firm feet.

In this situation, cheering the royalty which survives on the taxpayers’ money is laughable to say the least. The royalty should know better than conduct a lavish wedding. Though this time around, the wedding was not so grand as it was at the time when Prince William’s parents got married (1981 ?), it still must have cost a huge sum for the British Exchequer.

Is royalty really needed in the first place ? It has disappeared in most places around the world, but some countries and their citizens do not seem to be able to give up on their monarchies. The form of government that runs Britain – a constitutional monarchy – is outdated and should be dismantled in favour of a presidential form of government, or the pure play prime minister-led form of government with a governor general in the place of the president that you get in the Indian version.

How about the Republic of Britain ? Anytime soon ? Let the Britons not delude themselves with the necessity of having to kowtow to the Queen and the future King. It is important to evaluate the need for such pomp and expenses, when the country is sinking in a sea of red. How about they outsource the royalty on rental to places like Rajasthan in India where they would be treated better than in Britain ?

The era of the old Britain with the sun never setting on the empire is finished. The royalty should have gone on dole around the same time. I was amazed to see the TV sets tuned to the wedding extravaganza all the time, especially the BBC. Well, there are better things to do in life than enjoy a wedding which was being conducted at the expense of the government. That can only happen to recoup lost pride, and that is British wounded pride – having to report to Mumbai for famous brand name cars being one such instance ! Getting their electricity and water controlled by France and Germany being the other example.


Vijay Srinivasan
07 May 2011


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