Escape from Windows

I mean, escape from Microsoft Windows here.

Again, my new home laptop has started giving the “hanging” problem. It has and Intel i5 CPU, 4 GB RAM and 500GB HD, and runs Windows 7 Home Premium version. There is no reason why it should hang.

Today my daughter complained so much that I had no option but to sit down and diagnose the problem. At home, probably they think I am a “Windows Doctor”. Of course, the other side that they don’t fully know is that I keep experimenting with performance improvement of the system, to make it run faster and start up smoothly in less time !

Well, those experiments could be a problem. However, I do not think the system should give trouble when all that I have done is to download and install a standard Windows application, not an unauthorized program. Any software application that I had ever downloaded was after extensive research and from reputed companies.

So why then my friend Windows 7 is hanging repeatedly ?

May be to commit unintended suicide !

When I spent some time on the system this morning, I took some tough decisions – uninstall of several applications not required for the system, allow the Windows Operating System to take more control of the laptop and what applications start at the start-up, run the Anti-Virus Scanner for a deep scan of the computer, apply all the Windows Updates that were pending for download installation, at least four restarts, and other stuff.

After some 45 minutes work, the system looks like improving, but alas, it hung again – the Windows Updates could not get installed automatically. So, though the system warned that I should not shut off the computer while the updates were getting installed, I forcibly shut off the system, as the spin wheel was not spinning !

After all this, the laptop seemed to return to some stability, and started working all right.

However, I am now awaiting the stress test results from my daughter – not that she was going to stress the system out physically. But youngsters have a way of running a computer very differently from the organized manner in which we run the system. It may be better they do the testing rather than the diagnosis !

Will report later, but I am slowly moving away from Windows………may be the iPAD2 is good enough for normal computing !!


Vijay Srinivasan
08 May 2011


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