Gymmatics Again

Here are the figures at the Gym today:

Treadmill Statistics @ 5:15 PM this evening:
Speed = 6.3 Km/hr
Average Speed = 6.0 Km/hr
Average Incline = 0.0
Total Time = 32.12 minutes
Total Distance = 3.21 Km
Total Calories = 141

This was followed by the Weight Training for some 25 minutes.

I have slightly enhanced the speed from today (from walking speed of 6.0 Km/hr to 6.3 Km/hr and average speed of 5.8 Km/hr to 6.0 Km/hr). I guess I can keep doing this from now onwards, increasing the calorie count marginally and the total distance travelled from 3.08 Km to 3.21 Km……..Not substantial but an improvement for sure.

On the weights, I have introduced a new exercise lifting an 8 Kg weight behind my head for the past few weeks. I am finding it helps me quite a bit in firming up the shoulder and arm muscles.

Overall it came to 60 minutes today at the gym.. It was easier today as I watched the fabulous batting by Chris Gayle of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL match against Kochi Tuskers Kerala at the gym. Royal Challengers Bangalore won the match.

Well, that’s for the day and the weekend, folks. Have a great week ahead, and do your respective work-outs at the gym regularly – you will see the difference in a few months………


Vijay Srinivasan
08 May 2011


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