Junk Food

Americans eat too much of the same junk food at fast food joints.

I have been experiencing it for the last few days. There is just no choice but to end up eating the same food that they eat. I could not fail observing that most of the people around me are well built, and atleast one-third of them were what I would term as obese – not less than 90 Kgs, most of them over 100 Kgs in weight with waist sizes in excess of 42 inches.

I wonder what would have happened to me if I had followed their eating habits all through my life – had I lived in the U.S. Simply unimaginable ! The amount of junk food one ends up eating in the U.S. is causing immeasurable harm to Americans, leading to lifestyle diseases.

I was forced to look for Asian food which was non-existent in most places. The only option in some places was the Chinese food at chains such as Panda Express. But mostly I ended up having chicken/vegetarian burger or pizza, with sides like bread sticks with cheese. And the food almost invariably comes with french fries. Almost everyone else was ordering huge cheeseburgers and large fries. Almost everyone was ordering coke. I asked for free water, which you do get at most places, but there was hardly anyone asking for water.

Simple computation would show that obesity would result very soon if one follows the above regimen of eating useless food, combined with sugary soft drinks + big scoops of icecream. Most of the kids I saw were obese as well, no surprise there.

Even at breakfast, Americans tend to have unhealthy foods such as hot dogs, waffles with huge application of cream and sugary strawberry mix, sugar-coated cereals, et al. Of course, they work out at the gym heavily, no doubt, but why create bad food habits in the first place and then try to fix the ills ?

I am afraid this junk food culture is spreading in India very fast, with the kids and the youngsters the most affected – they are the first folks who wish to follow the American culture and fast food. Parents hardly have an option – virtually no choice even though they might know the bad effects of such habits.

Something needs to be done pretty fast to arrest the decline of good food habits. America appears to be a gone case when it comes to consumption of junk food – it appears to be in their blood, and it would be impossible to remove the presence of such food and drinks from their daily lives.

Conclusion – do not follow the Americans when it comes to food habits (I am referring to the general American population – not the small percentage who are vegetarian or vegan or who combine lots of fruits and vegetables into their food consumption pattern regularly).


Vijay Srinivasan
21st May 2011


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