Karma, an Experience in Montreal

Probably you thought that I am going to write about Karma, or fate, and how one’s karma is determined at the time when one is born, etc.,

Not at all. I do not believe in fate anyway.

This is about a restaurant dining experience that happened to me at the West Island area of Montreal in Quebec, at a restaurant called “Karma” – see
“Restaurant Karma”

I know that usually Indian cuisine is considered a bit exotic and the real quality and taste is lacking in Western countries. For this reason, I normally avoid going to Indian restaurants overseas (except in Singapore of course). So, I was surprised not just with the quality of the food and wine at Karma, but also with the great ambience, decor, and service. It turned out to be a truly amazing and enjoyable dining experience last evening.

Couple of things puzzled me though – the restaurant is located some 35 Kms from Montreal downtown, in a faraway place called West Island. It took me approximately an hour and 20 minutes to reach the place via Metro and bus. While there was absolutely no issue with the Metro, the bus ride was confusing and the driver was not speaking English. The Pierrefonds location is quite far away from the Cote-Vertu Metro Station – I felt occasionally that I have lost my way !

The second thing was that the economics of the restaurant would be difficult to ensure its continued sustenance. While it is surely a pricey restaurant, I do not see how they can be profitable. The place and decor looked impressive and expensive – I should also mention their unique Zen style washrooms. The restaurant’s exclusivity does not capitalize potentially on a wider cross-section of the upper middle class clientele that could have enhanced its image and income. Further, it would be too difficult and expensive to replicate the restaurant elsewhere.

So, was I surprised when I learnt that the restaurant is going to be closed in a couple of months ? It is sad and a real pity to let this restaurant go away. It is a truly lovely experience, to be enjoyed at least once a year !


Vijay Srinivasan
2nd June 2011


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