Electronic Junk

When I look around the house at the kind and volume of electronic junk accumulated over the years, I am just amazed.

We keep buying cell phones, roughly once every 18 months or so, and these come with the usual set of chargers and cables and the boxes which one is reluctant to throw out because there is no place to keep the user guide and the cables. If there are several buyers in the household, then you can imagine the variety and the volume of cables and chargers, and yes, cell phone boxes and holders.

Then we have printers. I have always thought it is a simple matter of printing. But apparently not. The ink runs out and we have to call for new ink cartridges. The old cartridges are still there, we are still trying to eke out the remaining ink, given that printer ink is the most expensive liquid out there – please see an earlier blog post on this that I wrote !

Oh, then comes the digital cameras. Everyone wants to have one, and that generates significant junk around. Many chargers and cables of all types. I don’t understand why there could not be a global standard for charging small electronic devices such as cameras and cell phones. Combined with the bigger junk which you get along with digicams, one can imagine the space it requires to keep the whole stuff organized.

One ends up with a whole set of memory cards and USB sticks (either you buy these or you get these at promotional events, and you can’t say no !), and then we start losing track of all this material stacked up somewhere at home.

One new thing at home is the back up hard drives, which come in their own packaging, I have been having an iomega 1 TB hard disk for the past 8 months and it does take up significant area on the computer desk. Well, one can never retire the old laptops for sure – there is data on their hard drives which cannot be erased ! I have two old laptops which are virtually “dead”, in the sense that they take a very long time to do anything at all, and I have to keep these two laptops and the associated paraphernalia. When I want to get something out of their hard disks, it takes a long time – their boot up time runs into minutes ! And, I have to keep them on direct power source, as their batteries are almost dead and won’t survive even for 15 minutes, and I am reluctant to invest more on dead laptops.

The story goes on and on. I have not even touched upon the digital home theatre system and the cables that go with it. Simply huge……..what about the iPods and iPads, and the music system one buys to dock the iPods. Never ending, right ?

So, I am now drawing up a plan to get rid of the electronic junk in a systematic manner, starting with the external DVD drives and old DVD players ! Well, let us see how this works out.

Have a good weekend, folks.


Vijay Srinivasan
12th June 2011


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