XP better than Windows 7

I managed to resurrect a 4-year old laptop (Acer Aspire 5580) to full-bodied life by doing couple of things recently:

1. It had a RAM of 1 GB. I purchased 2 GB additional, but had to throw out an existing 512 MB RAM module, because there were only two memory slots. So, I finally could have only 2.5 GB, but wow, that made a huge difference to the performance of this old laptop, running on Intel Core2 CPU T 5300 @ 1.73 GHZ, which is an ancient processor compared to intel i5 or i7 ;

2. Secondly, I had the Windows Vista on this laptop, which kept bothering me to update every time I booted up, and was giving other system troubles. So I managed to kick the Vista out and replace it with Windows XP Professional ;


3. Thirdly, while using the combination of enhanced RAM on Windows XP, which was just doing fine, I got an intimation from the omnipresent Windows Update to download and install the Professional SP3 pack on Windows XP, which I promptly did.

Well, with the above 3 steps, I almost have a new laptop ! The speed is very good, Windows XP starts up fairly quickly, the applications work well, and it appears to me that this combination is even better than the Windows 7 on our latest laptop that we purchased late last year. I am publishing this blog post using this resurrected laptop, and it feels just fine.

So, you do not really need to buy a new laptop. Find more memory and use either Windows 7 or Windows XP Professional SP3 ! It is as simple as that. May be increase the RAM to 4 GB on the old laptop if you can, that would be the best option.


Vijay Srinivasan
25th June 2011


2 thoughts on “XP better than Windows 7

  1. Axel

    Right on the money. XP is the best desktop OS Microsoft ever released, concerning both the technology (soft- and hardware compatibility) and the functionality, i.e. ease of use both for IT professionals as well as average users.

    I will stick to XP as long as I can.

    Microsoft would be well-advised to prepare temporary updates (Service Packs) for XP, which would provide support for the latest soft- and hardware developments such as USB 3.0, DirectX 10/11, SSDs, large HDDs above 3TB, etc.

    I and millions of other content XP users would PAY for such Service Packs. I would be willing to pay some 20 – 40 dollars (US) for such a XP Service Pack, if it was published every five years or so.

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