Creaking Suspensions

Yes, I am referring to the car suspension.

The monsoon rains in Mumbai (which have accelerated of late) have caused thousands of potholes on the roads, inflicting damages to the vehicle drivers. The most seriously affected ones are the small car passengers and bike/auto rickshaw drivers and passengers. The past few days the water level on the roads has been substantial, hiding the potholes which is quite dangerous while driving on these treacherous roads.

Even during the summer, Mumbai roads have been bad with very poor maintenance. I am sure that the money is drained and the contractors escape time and again after delivering poor quality retrofits on what are already bad roads to start with. Come monsoon, the situation worsens manifold. The pressure on the Mumbai Municipal Corporation has been increasing with citizens questioning the lack of action to fix the roads. With the intervention of the Chief Minister and other high-level officials and opposition parties, work seems to be starting albeit in a slow manner.

The pouring rains have held back the progress. We have to wait for a few dry days. But what is very annoying is the damage that one gets on one’s back when the vehicle passes through potholes, even at low speeds. And, the damage these potholes cause to the car’s suspension. Creaky, now creakier, I should say !

Well, if government which collects our taxes, claims that they are not responsible and shifts the blame across various agencies, where is the accountability ? Do we have a non-tax-payment movement in this country ? There is no performance measurement and tracking mechanisms when it comes to the government and its officials. They go scot-free when the people suffer.

This is democracy. Democracy damages cars, I guess and gives all of us a bad ride on the roads during monsoons ! Ha Ha !!

Watch out when riding on Mumbai roads, especially during this season. It has rained heavily today, and I believe this season will continue for the next few weeks. No escape from bad roads, folks.


Vijay Srinivasan
30th July 2011


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