Torrid Time

I am sure you have guessed what I am going to write about !

The rains have caused havoc on Mumbai roads, and the huge number of craters on almost all roads hits one’s eyes and one’s back !! The roads are so poorly maintained that any amount of poor quality surfacing work done becomes totally irrelevant. The Times of India Newspaper has been publishing a constant barrage of news items on the devastation of Mumbai roads for several weeks now. The government departments concerned are in hiding, is that surprising ?

When corruption is the leading topic of the day in India, it is not at all surprising to note that the tendering process for maintaining roads is the root cause for all the poor quality that one sees on our roads. Everyone seems to be looting the exchequer, and no one seems to be bothered. After all, it is public money !

The collusion between government and the road builders was also exposed by The Times of India. But to what avail ? Nothing changes in India. Systems and processes are circumvented by devilish bureaucrats and politicians for their own benefit and for enriching themselves. Given this kind of behaviour, which has been condoned for long by the public, I do not believe that things will change for the better, notwithstanding the Anna Hazare agitation against corruption.

The result of the bad roads is the poor quality of motoring and the impact on one’s health. Vehicles are getting damaged on Mumbai roads, and our own spinal cords are in for hefty damage as well when our vehicles fall in the craters. People should be angry about the colossal mismanagement and the corruption, but they seem to be quite peaceful, enduring all the damage, and re-electing governments without any regret.

The only way this is going to change is if we make voting compulsory for all citizens of voting age in India. Not voting in elections should become a punishable crime. But political parties will not allow this to happen for sure.

I am waiting for the promised fixing of roads, which does not seem to be happening in the neighbourhood I live in. It is not even happening elsewhere. This is the global city of Mumbai.


Vijay Srinivasan
20th August 2011


2 thoughts on “Torrid Time

  1. Yes.. i totally agree with Ur thoughts..
    We have become def, dumb and blind citizens.!!
    i think we have jailed ourselves in a cocoon even after getting independence..
    Welcome to India!!

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