Breathe well for effective decisions

It is important to inhale fresh air into your lungs while making decisions.

It sounds funny, but it is important to realize the need for our brains to get fresh oxygen while trying to think quickly on your feet.

In most circumstances, when under pressure, we stop breathing.

This is again funny to know, but it is true.

We do not actually breathe when we are super-excited, we stop breathing. This does not get us the oxygen that our lungs and our brain need. Our brain needs fresh oxygen all the time. So, we should never stop breathing.

Why do people stop inhaling air ? They get excited so often, that they forget to breathe in air. It is critical that people realize this, they actually don’t.

When the brain gets fresh air, it calms down. You are able to think clearly in the midst of all the chaos surrounding you. One is able to seek and get clarity. One is able to make the requisite decisions with no confusion. And, this is very important.

So, in a nutshell, it is very important for you to keep breathing and inhaling fresh air all the time. This has to be a constant exercise. If we keep doing this even unconsciously, it is going to prolong our lives. A well-oxygenated brain is going to be more useful and more productive. And, it is going to make better decisions, whether it is in business or personal life.

Just think about this one single point. You would be able to make better quality decisions when you are calmer. Breathing well leads to a calmer brain, more patience in listening and understanding contrarian views, and reduce our stress levels. So, what does all this result in ?

Very high-quality decisions which would help all people surrounding you.

So, let us breathe well and breathe consciously. It will help us enormously.


Vijay Srinivasan
18th Sept 2011


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