Switching Exercise Time for more productivity

I found something interesting.

I used to work out in the evening times almost every day, except while travelling. A couple of months ago, I switched the exercise time to the mornings (5:30 AM), because I could not get time in the evenings most of the days (except weekends).

I discovered that working out early in the morning has some benefits as compared to working out in the evening:

1. There is hardly anyone in the gym early in the morning. I have only one or maximum two companions, whereas in the evenings, the gym is rather crowded, with lots of people and lot of noise. I found that morning workout is less stressful.

2. Morning exercise leads to a more positive attitude at work. I do not know whether it makes one a better and more effective worker, but that conclusion can be derived eventually based on some research. I found that there is a feeling of “self-satisfaction” at having achieved something significant (though not materially) at the end of the morning workout, and that kind of carries on right through the day.

3. The spirit of determination to get the morning exercise completed by getting up at the same time every morning and getting ready for the gym, leads to a better control of one’s own schedule, and the feeling of control leads to a strongly positive orientation towards one’s physical and emotional health.

Come back from the exercise (minimum 45 minutes), cool off for some 10 minutes, have your coffee and some almonds and then get ready for the office.

I find that this regimen is more productive, than the evening schedule wherein one is mentally and physically tired after a long day of work. And, then one has to contend with the queue for the treadmill and other workout equipment at the gym, which is not the case in the mornings.

I am not totally sure that this regimen will apply to everyone, but it seems to be working for me. I thought of sharing the idea, so that some of you might check it out !


Vijay Srinivasan
9th October 2011


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