Flight Movies

I saw couple of movies on a long flight yesterday.

One was “Unstoppable”, the train movie. I don’t know how I missed out on this one, I really liked watching this gripping movie about a runaway train hurtling with toxic chemicals towards populated towns in Pennsylvania and has no driver.

I was contemplating for quite a while while seeing the movie about the quality and the thinking behind Hollywood blockbusters like this movie. Amazing story coupled with great direction produces a great movie, isn’t it ? Of course, we have excellent actors in the movie as well. I liked the acting of Chris Pine, Denzel Washington and Rosario Dawson. The movie shows in vivid detail the grit and determination of these 3 actors who deliver a great performance. There are many good dialogues in the movie but the one which captured my attention was when the head of operations, acted out by Kevin Dunn, tells Denzel that he has been fired for taking the engine of train no. 1206 to chase after the runaway train no. 977. But Denzel responds that he has already been fired by Kevin some 72 days ago. So Kevin asks Denzel if he is crazy to do this act of valour with some 3 weeks left in his career and Denzel replies, yes I sure do. I don’t recall the exact dialogues but something to this effect.

“Unstoppable” is a great movie by a very good director (Tony Scott). It is worth watching every minute of the movie. I would strongly recommend with a rating of 9 on a scale of 10.

The other movie was “Hall Pass”.

I thought it would be a great comedy, but it turned out to be a dud. I would give it a score of only 5 out of 10, and would have avoided seeing it but for the difficulty of flipping through many other movie descriptions before choosing something more palatable, so I endured the entire movie. Not a good one, I saw it for Owen Wilson.

In any case, I have hardly seen two movies in a weekend. I would recommend “Unstoppable” anytime, it reminded of “Speed” and “Speed 2”.


Vijay Srinivasan
16th October 2011


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