Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh, talked yesterday about the presence of too much of negativism in public life in India. There is just so much coverage of all the bad things happening in India, that we are sinking in the middle of all these bad news, that is what he meant.

He also correctly stated that both pessimism and optimism are infectious. A lot of pessimism leads to even more pessimistic news and attitudes, and leads to lack of confidence in people. If we have to work together as a nation, we need less pessimism and more optimism, that is what he meant.

He entreated upon the political opposition in the country to work together for the advancement of India by resolving the common problems that we face. It is a noble call of duty to the various vested interests in the country from a noble prime minister, the most educated and “clean” prime minister that India has ever had so far in the past 64 years of Independence as a free nation. We should jointly tackle the challenges and fix these problems before we are overwhelmed in an irretrievable manner, that is what he meant.

All in all, Dr Singh strongly conveyed his hope that there is indeed a strong hope India would rise from its current difficulties and achieve its planned economic growth rate(s) for the foreseeable future, and that is possible only if we all forget our differences, put our meaningless quarrels behind us, surge forward as one country and take the leadership position waiting for us to take in the free world, that is what he meant.

All this well meaning, soft push from a soft-spoken prime minister, might have some effect on – who else – his own ministers and party, no doubt about it. There is no doubt at all that his speech had absolutely no effect on the opposition parties, as the leader of the main opposition party stated yesterday that his assertion that the country had a “weak” prime minister was no insult. He was not going to withdraw his previous statement to that effect.

With all the demagoguery that is prevalent in India’s political scene today (it was always there all these years), it is difficult to believe that the current crop of leaders would be able to resolve the country’s problems and move it ahead. If India is moving ahead, it is because of private entrepreneurship and not governmental leadership, although political leadership does exist in a very few States of India. Definitely not at the central or federal level today.

When a government is besieged by a huge array of problems, it should seek help. And, India has no shortage of problem fixers or solvers, such as the spiritual community of gurus.

Welcome to the new age politics of negativism, pessimism and television fights (see NDTV TV Channel at 8 PM everyday India time, or on key issues facing India, to accentuate the negativism.


Vijay Srinivasan
23rd October 2011


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