Two Oceans Shiraz

I have tried the Two Oceans wines before – much before I started writing this blog. I recall having tried their reds, which were good wines from South Africa.

This evening I happened to see a wide range of wines from Two Oceans (including white wines) and decided it is high time that I check out whether my memories are still valid. I bought the Two Oceans Shiraz 2010 for roughly USD 20 (should have been around USD 12, but then I bought the wine in India !).

I was not disappointed.

While I would rate the Australian Shiraz the best in the world (there are several wineries and vintages that would compete for my award !), Chilean and South African wines can sometimes surprise you, as I discovered.

The Shiraz that I purchased had a deep red colour with pinkish or purplish tinge. When I swirled the wine, I could clearly see that it is a high quality wine with the wine sticking and sliding down the glass walls in an unmistakable manner which showed that the wine has excellent characteristics (this is my way of analyzing the wine and I should say here that given the right kind of wine glass some of these techniques always work well). A bit acidic, the wine has notes of cherry and plum flavours. It drinks easily and at room temperature it releases its full impact.

I would say it was worth the (higher) money that I spent this evening. I had some spicy food and it went well with it. I would suggest that you try this Shiraz, given also the fact that Indian wineries do not really produce Shiraz, or good Shiraz to be exact. Amongst all the reds, my favourite has always been Shiraz, followed by Merlot and then Pinot Noir.

That was a great evening with good wine and some decent blogging !


Vijay Srinivasan
3rd December 2011


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