Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

I saw this Tom Cruise movie today.

My overall rating is just “average” – something like 7 upon 10. The movie is full of action sequences which most people will enjoy – these are gripping and as good as any. But the movie lacks a clear story line which is credible and potentially achievable.

The best part of the movie is the Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest tower) action with Tom Cruise climbing up and then scarily falling down the tower in an effort to infiltrate the server room. Amazing, and I believe Tom Cruise did it himself ! Overall that part of the movie where there is big action in Dubai is the best part of the movie.

Apart from that, I do not see a reason to see the movie. It is not believable, unlike the Bourne Identity kind of movies. There should be some element of credibility to the whole thing – it is simply not possible to bomb the Kremlin. It is not something which happens easily, and the remote-controlled balloon was laughable. Not only that, the sequence which leads to fooling the Russian Guard at the Kremlin Archives is nothing but complete hogwash.

The movie (like many other Moscow or Russia-focused Hollywood movies) would make you believe that the Russians and the Russian Government are composed of fools who can be taken for an easy ride. Nothing is farther from the truth. Russians are as capable as the Americans when it comes to technological muscle in warfare, ICBMs, nuclear weapons, et al. It would be incredulous to think that they can easily be fixed or the nuclear launch codes can be stolen easily from the Russian archives. That sounds simply ridiculous.

Americans have long succeeded in convincing the world that Russians are second grade when it comes to nuclear warfare, and this movie again proves that the most critical nuclear launch codes could, not only be stolen easily but could be used effectively from remote locations without political or governmental controls. How would that be possible, as a wrong action would lead to a world war of insurmountable difficulties and destruction ? The movie never shows any government or political figure, and the Russian submarine commander takes instruction from a remote person to finally authorize launching of the missile !

Well, well, we are not such fools to believe all this stupid movie stuff. But that is essentially what the movie is made of. It is full of make-believe actions based on unbelievable stuff.

While the car chase scene in Dubai in the middle of the sandstorm, and in Mumbai in the midst of heavy pedestrian traffic, and such actions are good to watch, these are not something unseen before. There are many such movies from Hollywood, so nothing unique about this material.

Anil Kapoor comes as not so effective an actor in just about some 3 to 4 minutes of this over 135 minutes movie (fairly long). And, what he does is childish and not so impactful to the movie as such. The Mumbai leg of the movie does not really impart any meaning, why should it be Mumbai ? Why is that an Indian media company’s access to a Soviet-era military satellite be used to send missile launch codes to a submarine-based ICBM ?

And the ICBM itself ? It is completely laughable, it looks like a toy hitting some TV tower in San Francisco. That simply is not an ICBM.

All in all, an average movie.


Vijay Srinivasan
19th December 2011


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