Don Giovanni

Pondicherry has several exotic-sounding French restaurants, that is just to be expected in an erstwhile French colony. Readers who are not aware of Pondicherry should read up on its unique history, dominated by French culture and language. It is located some 167 Kms (around 100 miles) south of Chennai along the eastern coast line of India.

I was looking for a nice restaurant for lunch (today being my birthday) along with my family, having just returned to Pondicherry from a short trip to Chidambaram temple. Located Don Giovanni via TripAdvisor and then checked on it through couple of other websites. Though we had a few selections, decided to go for Italian lunch.

Don Giovanni is a roof-top restaurant located on Mission Street (around 50 feet from the Nilgiris shop corner). It serves Italian cuisine from the northern part of Italy (Bolognese) as the owner (Chef Massimiliano) hails from that region. He was friendly and sat down with us for a chat. He is married to an Indian and has been living in Pondicherry for the past 3 decades ! Knows a bit of Tamil as well !!

The food was simple and excellent. We had spaghetti, grilled chicken, greek salad, tiramisu, etc., Don Giovanni is different in providing authentic Italian taste with no flourishes and a nice ambience. The owner told us that the evenings are too full and today being a weekday at lunch time, there was not many people.

We took our own time and enjoyed the lunch. This place is reasonably priced and had a homely decor. The owner told us that he has the best Italian food in India !

If you are going to Pondicherry, do not miss a meal at Don Giovanni. You will enjoy it.


Vijay Srinivasan
27th December 2011


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