Cricket Shame

It was another shameful display of lousy cricket at its nadir by India at the Perth Test Match against Australia. India lost by more than an innings. Having lost the Melbourne and Sydney Tests, India has lost the series 0-3. It is more or less clear that Australia will decimate India in the last Test at Adelaide.

India has come out as a cropper in this Series against Australia. Before the Series started it was the Australian Team which was in a disarray, and was expected not to do well even by Australians. But look at what they have achieved. Huge hits against the Indians.

It was funny that at my gym, no one was interested to see the Star Cricket Channel which was showing the match live. Everyone in India seems to have correctly guessed that India was going to be thrashed. And it was thrashed.

What happened to the Indian Captain’s famed leadership skills ? What happened to the formidable batting lineup that the Australians were worried about ? What happened to the fabulous skills of the Team Selectors who seem to have gone into the cold ? What happened to the famous coach of the Indian Cricket Team ?

To add insult to the injury, the Indian Captain MS Dhoni was fined for slow delivery of overs by the International Cricket Council. What a shame ?!

It is time to replace the aging batsman irrespective of any national or international record requirements. What is needed is a fresh lineup, dominated by strong batsmen, and development of pace bowlers. We need a young team, a team which would fight aggressively and vigorously for Indian success.

We don’t have that spirit in the current Team, notwithstanding their past successes. True success becomes enduring and sustainable in the longer term if the team is constantly assessed and rejuvenated without fear or favour. The only thing that should matter is India’s success and ascendancy to the top of the world cricketing league.

The current team cannot deliver and should be dismissed (selectively). Only the right guys should be retained and put through a rigorous training programme. It is not necessary to drive the team constantly through non-stop matches.

Let money not be the motivator of the Indian Cricket Team or the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) any longer.


Vijay Srinivasan
15th January 2012


2 thoughts on “Cricket Shame

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