Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay 2010

This is the USD 9 (INR 450) wine that I picked up recently at the DFS at Mumbai International Airport.

Very good Chardonnay with fresh flavours. This is a medium-bodies wine with lemon and peach flavours. Amazingly fresh.

The colour is pale yellow and the palate is soft with strong citrus flavours.

For its price, this is a wonderful wine. I liked it so much that I am looking for more of it, but unfortunately it is not available in the wine shops at the shopping malls.

Have to find some other way of sourcing this price-effective and very nice wine. Any ideas from anyone living in Mumbai ?

Strongly recommended. You will like it. It is better than the Sula wines or any other Chardonnay from Indian wineries. And, it is less expensive !


Vijay Srinivasan
22nd January 2012


One thought on “Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay 2010

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