Knowing, the Movie

This is not really a full-scale movie review of “Knowing”.

I got interested in the movie when I was channel surfing on Saturday evening. The movie’s main actor is Nicolas Cage, one of my favourite actors. Cage is what I think is an intellectually driven character in most of his movies, albeit mysterious. He is masculine, does not have much charm though, and looks like an investigative scientist. I liked him in almost all of his previous movies.

“Knowing” is a rather mysterious and intriguing movie, and the early part of the movie is rather fascinating. The story line is very absorbing, and drives one to continue watching the movie. I was trying to make all sorts of guesses as to the ending of the movie (one of my guesses happens in the movie). The role of a professor at MIT suits Cage eminently. I liked the way he introduces the concept of determinism versus randomness in his class, and the way he appears to be lost when some student asks him “what theory you subscribe to ?”. For him, life appears to be a sequence of random events, rather than prescribed to happen in a particular manner.

I really got interested and saw the full movie.

The deterministic way in which someone has described big disasters in a piece of paper unearthed after 50 years spooks Cage to such an extent that he starts believing that the sequence of disasters will continue into the future. The manner in which his life changes after the discovery of this paper from his son’s school has been described very well by the director. The pity is that no one seems to take Cage seriously, and his attempt to convince even his professor friend does not succeed.

The characters which appear from nowhere trying to take their “chosen” kids away from this earth when the solar flare was going to hit the earth is kind of eerie, and of course cannot be true. But the placement of these characters in the movie by the director deserves special mention – these guys pop up at the right times when they know that something is going to happen, they are seen by Cage and his son, and the amusing part is that they were not going to harm anyone though they appear fierce.

I liked this movie, though it is just a science fiction. If it created an interest in Astrophysics, yes it did. I wonder why Cage could not get the scientific community around the concept of the strange number sequence that he deciphered, which could have forewarned the disaster that was going to befall this earth. Well, “Knowing” is a movie after all, and got to make some quick money with attention-grabbing sequences, and that is what it does well.

I would recommend the movie to viewers, except that my son felt it was a type of horror movie to be avoided. He told me that he made the mistake of switching on the TV and letting me choose the movie to see. Well, I did see a pretty decent movie !


Vijay Srinivasan
12th February 2012


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